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Trust the Experience of a Handwriting and Document Authentication Specialist!

More Than 40 Years
With more than 40 years of experience, Doris Alfred Gauthier has become a well-known, accomplished and respected expert. He has been qualified as an expert witness since 1976 in many judicial districts within the province of Quebec, and various courts, namely the Superior Court, the Court of Quebec, Civil and Criminal Division, the Quebec Rental Board, the Canadian Labor Relations Board and various administrative tribunals.


He received mandates from Canada (Edmonton, Victoria), from the United States (New York and Florida), and from the Cayman Islands. He also has completed a mandate for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (Tanzania, 2007).

D. A. Gauthier is an honorary and guest professor at the Université Autonome de Barcelona (master’s) since October 2008.

He hosted workshops in the USA, (New-York, Washington, Detroit, Chicago, Denver, etc.), in Great-Britain (London and Windsor), in the Netherlands (Rotterdam), in Italy (Rome), in Chili (Santiago), and more. He is also the author of many research articles published in international magazines, like Scrittura, The Graphologist, etc.


Over the past year, he participated in conferences such as the international congress for experts hosted by the University of Warclaw in Poland (June 2016) and the Arigraf in Rome (December 2015). He was also invited at a handwriting expert conference in Nanjing (China) in November 2015.

He gave different interviews during his career, including one for Radio-Canada and one for ADR-TV (in French) that you can watch.

Do not hesitate to contact him by phone to learn more!

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