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Documents Examined Under Magnifying Glass

Entrust the authentication of letters, wills and contracts to an experienced specialist.

The Handwriting and Document Expert in Montreal You Are Looking For!

An Experienced Analyst of the Graphical Gesture

Looking for a handwriting and document specialist in the province of Quebec? Think about D. A. Gauthier. Considered the “Columbo” of handwriting, he will seek out all clues that lead to the authentication of the writer of a handwritten document. He is motivated by passion and is very meticulous in his approach. You’ll enjoy working with him and get convincing results. Contact him to submit your particular needs.

With his technique, his lab and his years of experience, D. A. Gauthier is able to certify with great certainty the authenticity of a document. Through observation of the graphical gesture and its alterations and potential distortions, he can authenticate the writer of written documents.

A Passion

D. A. Gauthier is a passionate researcher of the history of handwriting, handwriting expertise and graphology. This is what makes him a handwriting and document specialist in Montreal.

He has made many important research trips in recent years:

University of Amsterdam (May 2008)

British Library and Warburg Institute in London (August 2008)

Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris (November 2008 and October 2009)

Saudek archives at the University of London (May 2008)

Crépieux-Jamin archives in Arras (November 2008)

Michon archives in Angouleme (August 2008)

University of Urbino and three professors of handwriting expertise (May 2008, May 2009 and October 2010)

Dr. Locard’s archives in Lyon (October 2012)

Research at the Vatican Library (October 2010)

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For More Than 40 Years


This handwriting expert has a great experience in this field.

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Checks, Leases, Contracts


He can help you authenticate all types of documents.

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