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Handwriting and Document Expert

Trust the Experience of a Montreal Based Handwriting Expert

Testified Many Times

Expert in Montreal, D. A. Gauthier was court-qualified, after voir dire, by the judges R. Wagner, J. C. Bonin, J. G. Boilard, and M. Lesage, among others. He has testified numerous times in court and has analyzed thousands of handwriting samples throughout the years in order to authenticate signatures and handwriting:

  • contested wills

  • traveler’s checks

  • leases

  • commercial contracts

  • graffiti

  • anonymous letters

  • decryption of ancient handwriting

  • psychological analysis connected to writing

Various clients have used his services: law firms (Olser et al., McCarthy Tétreault, and more), insurance companies, universities (UQAM, McGill), banks, and private and para-governmental companies, etc. Join them and call D. A. Gauthier today!

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